Comprehensive Pre and Post Shipment inspections
Quality Control
We aim to provide our customers satisfaction and success, investors with profits and employees with pride. The environment, safety & quality policy provides the underlying management philosophy, while basic behavioral guidelines provide the best possible customer service, secure the safety of vessels and personnel and promote the practice of eco-friendly management. 
For an efficient practice of Environment, Safety & Quality Policy, each team and division has developed their own separate goals, strategies and action plans. While all employees remain faithful to their responsibilities and duties, the responsible for efficiently delegating the responsibility and authority required for the operation of the system to those in charge.
bull We comply with governing regulations and legal requirements related to our business activities and services.
We provide customer satisfaction via services that cater to the needs of customers.
We provide safe and agreeable working conditions for our employees and at the same time implement safety awareness.
We prevent all kinds of risks and irregularities.
We minimize the discharge of pollutants through the efficient use of resources and energy.
We consistently improve our environmental, safety and business performances.
Laboratory Analysis
We have our own analytical laboratories at Mumbai, Jamnagar, Gandhidham (Kandla), Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Bhubaneswar, Barbill, Jodha, Haldia. They are well equipped with modern equipments. Apart from our samples we analyze Metals, Ores, Ferrous, Non Ferrous and Alloys Chemicals.
bull Minerals: Metals, Ores, Ferrous/Non Ferrous, Alloys Chemical
bull Agricultural Products: Food grains, Pulses, Edible Oils, Castor Oils
bull Agro Chemicals: Spices, Pesticides, Fertilizers
bull Animal Feeds: Oil Cakes Extractions, Fishmeal, Bone Meal
bull General: Raw Materials, Water, Acids, Paints, Intermediates
Analysis are carried out by qualified and experienced chemists with several years of experience in analytical work. Analysis is conducted as per client’s specifications and Indian and International standards such as BIS, Agmark, ISI, AOAC, AOCS etc. Our Associates M/S.TCR engineering Services Pvt. Ltd. are approved by Central/State Government bodies for physical testing like tensile, hardness, impact tests and testing non-destructive and micro-structural analysis.
Cargo Superintendence
Marine & Cargo surveys
Insurance Surveys
Machinery Surveys
Container Inspection
Collateral Management
Fuel and Oils
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Quality Control and Laboratory Analysis
Cargo Superitendence
Marine & Cargo Surveys
Insurance Surveys
Machinery & Valuation Surveys
Container Inspection
Collateral Management
Fuel and Oils
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