Comprehensive Pre and Post Shipment inspections

Our surveyors have always improved their knowledge, updated new technologyand accumulated experience to supply clients with the highest quality services.

Inspection  to container:
Inspection of condition on : pre-post repair, on hire / off hire, interchange, damage
Suitability to load frozen cargo, Inspection of stowing capability of container
Inspection of cleanliness according to carriers or loading parties standards / criteria
Pre-Trip-inspection (PTI)
Stuffing & De stuffing of Containers:
Check the condition of the Cargo
Physical Tally of the packages
Inspection of Stowage
Securing of the cargo if required
Inspection of Sealing operation
Inspection of containerized cargoes:
Quantity, volume, condition, damage
Checking temperature and condition of frozen cargo before and after stuffing
Inspection of fastening, dunnaging and stowing condition of containerized cargoes (oversized and overweighted)
Inspection of liquid weight in container tanks
Fumigation of agricultural products stowed in containers
Laboratory Analysis
Cargo Superintendence
Marine & Cargo surveys
Insurance Surveys
Machinery Surveys
Collateral Management
Fuel and Oils
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Quality Control and Laboratory Analysis
Cargo Superitendence
Marine & Cargo Surveys
Insurance Surveys
Machinery & Valuation Surveys
Container Inspection
Collateral Management
Fuel and Oils
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